Blue Love in Paris

Mixed Media piece on canvas: acrylic paint, handmade paper, collage of various images, marker drawings of lovers, written parts of french songs by Edith Piaf and poetry by Aragon, Victor Hugo and more. Ready to hang - no framing required.

“Blue Love in Paris” represents the quintessence of what Paris represents to most of us: the city of love. This piece is a story of love where one meets its soul mate under the romantic sky of Paris where so many lovers met and where so many poets and song writers wrote about love hopes or broken hearts. This a story of Paris as the city of romance.

I started this piece with a wash and drips of blue, red, and white acrylic paints, the colors of the French flag. I added image transfers of various printed pictures representing lovers throughout the modern ages (60’s, 70’s, etc). I also added some collages of some items I felt represented Paris or France. Then while looking at the piece I recognized shapes of lovers or people meeting and started to draw them. Each with their own story to unveil.

Then, I added various sentences from songs such as Edith Piaf, poetry, sayings or writings from Aragon and others. I added the printed words “Love in Paris” with pictures of Paris monuments under the letters. These words were separated throughout the piece as the love stories in this piece are ongoing and not final.

I also added some twirly or circular pieces of white paper collages to give a sense of whirlwind as love can make one feel lost in an emotional happiness twirl. I then drew a schematic representation of the Eiffel Tower, symbol of Paris and where lovers meet the most for their rendez-vous. Finally, to enhance the madness where love can take us, I drew liquid acrylic twirls and circles in blue, white and red.

This is an emotional piece for me because Paris is where I met the father of my two amazing daughters.
“Bronze Award" - Art Forward Contest 2 - For "Blue Love in Paris", mixed media.