We'll always have Paris

Mixed Media piece on canvas: acrylic paint, paper, collage or image transfer of various images, marker writing or written quotes by famous Americans in Paris: Hemingway, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Buchwald, etc. Includes images by Sargent and Cassatt and of Josephine Baker, as well as some Paris landmarks. Ready to hang - no framing required.

“We’ll Always Have Paris” represents a journey to the past within Paris history and the famous Americans who love it. This piece includes Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Henry James, Mary Cassatt, Art Buchwald, Josephine Baker, Orson Wells, Ben Franklin, and more. Writings by many of these people and others are finishing the piece.

I first painted a background of orange, pink, black and white acrylic patches then toned them down with washes of white acrylic paint to give a mysterious and distant feeling as if they were faded by time. I also transferred picture images of the various famous people mentioned earlier in various settings and a couple of places they liked to spend time at such as the Moulin Rouge or the Eiffel Tower. I did a final wash with the white acrylic paint to give a fading effect to the whole in view of representing these items as memories of the past rather than being in the present.

Many of the people represented on this piece are writers, thus, their quotes about Paris as well as the ones of other thinkers, artists or writers are shown on the surface of the whole piece. Finally to finalize this work on the “Americans in Paris”, the famous “We’ll always have Paris” by Howard Koch (screenwriter in the movie “Casablanca”) conclude the piece in large cursive liquid white acrylic letters.