Contemporary Paris Kaboom

Mixed Media piece on canvas: acrylic, liquid acrylic, black oil stick, collage and transfer of contemporary Parisian architectural or sculptures or Paris street graffiti art images. Ready to hang - no framing required.

“Contemporary Paris Kaboom” represents a Paris modern architectural fantasy.

I started by transferring to the canvas picture images of modern buildings or landmark such at the Centre George Pompidou Museum or Beaubourg. Then added many other places such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Open Air Museum of Culture, Paris’ Art Street, other street buildings, etc. I also added some images of famous Paris wall Graffitis.

I noticed that the images took the shape of organic objects and to emphasize this, I traced their contour with a black oil stick. As I did so, the piece started looking cartoon-like and I decided to highlight the mix of contemporary Parisian architectural images with bright acrylic colors bands contoured with the same black oil stick. The overall center object made of blurbs of contemporary buildings and graphic items made me think of a “kaboom” cartoon popping out of the canvas. In some ways, this piece represents a glimpse of a futuristic city where new super heroes could emerge to save the day.