Paris Stories Book Cover

This piece was created as part of a special invitational exhibit where the former Uforge Gallery asked its members and other Boston area artists to create their own book cover illustrations. “The well-worn adage may warn us to not judge books by their covers, but it must be said that strong cover design can make a big difference. Cover illustration helps readers to imagine the characters or setting, with artists envisioning new worlds, evoking mood through typography, capturing a significant moment in the story, or abstractly communicating a certain feeling or experience relevant to the narrative. Each artist was given a 24×30” wood panel on which to work, but that was the primary limitation, with freedom to employ whatever style, media, and narrative inspiration they wished. Through paint, collage, ink, paper, found objects, and photography, Pages takes viewers on a visual journey through stories new and old, to be read, remembered, and rediscovered.” For this exhibit, I imagined a book entitled “Paris Stories,” a prelude to what my mixed media series with the same name could lead to. If you follow the path throughout this “book cover”, you’ll find many of the pieces represented. This is the introduction to the series I present in this show.