Paris Fashionista

According to the dictionary, a fashionista is either a follower of fashion or a designer of haute couture. Any fashionista will follow fashion trends in Paris. I love design in all its forms and, thus, fashion design is just an expansion of what I like and what Paris is known for. With Milan, New York and London, Paris in nothing less than the fashion capital of the world, according to “Bonjour.” Paris is where fashion is made and born. Charles Frederick Worth was the first to set up in fashion house in Paris in the 1850’s. Haute Couture designs are made-to-order for private clients, with one or more fittings. Since that there have been many developments. One of the most famous is Paris Fashion Week, today’s biggest collection presenting event. It’s spread over to 9 days and host presentations of more than 100 designers and designer brands each season. Not all brands are Paris-based, but many of them decide to show their collections in Paris in order to achieve more attention and gain a higher reputation. Most influential and iconic designers present their new collection in Paris at that event. For my piece – mainly collages and some other materials such as acrylic and fabrics, “Paris Fashionista,” I play on the two meaning of the word fashionista and present a series of runaway pictures as would be presented in the Paris Fashion Week. In addition, I use the canvas as a possible presentation board for possible future designs including fabrics and colors. Time for creativity to take over and let us go through the world of top models and “couturiers.”