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I have always imagined myself as a teller of “stories” except that images, landscapes, colors, flowers, mixed media, sculptures, paintings, and other ways of expressing myself as an artist using colors, materials and textures, are my ways of telling stories.  I am a painter of stories. All my pieces have a story to tell. Some for the viewer to find on their own, some more guided through my brush or the theme of the piece.


“Paris Stories” describes a series of unique and original pieces of mixed media work where each story - each piece - represents an unique series of events, memories, words, and accounts of imaginary or real people, past events or emotional journeys related to Paris. Each invites the viewer to let his or her imagination decides where the story goes, somewhat guided by the composition I created based upon my own journey in Paris. This journey is just beginning …

To see more about the "Paris Stories" Series pieces, click on the chosen image.

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