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The Rose And I - First Chemo

So after putting the pieces together, I learned that a breast cancer with HER2 positive means that it is highly treatable and the chemotherapy is better first to shrink these malign tumors in my breast and lymph nodes. So on July 9th, I got my first chemo. Went into the room got toxic chemicals put into my body to kill the cancer cells and pretty much everything else. Got chemicals to compensate for the side effects, then, got chemicals to rebuild the cells that needed to be rebuild: making new "good" white cells! All went well.

So how did it feel?

The chemo by itself was without any problems except I felt that my brain was fuzzy and very tired. Kind of the before and after picture of my rose below.

But after a few hours and the next few days (and still in a much lesser extent) my insides felt bloated like a balloon and my all my intestine and any part of my digestive system felt upside down, side to side, and in a full revolution dictating how much and what I could it if much of anything. So pretty much the after chemo picture represents not only my brain but my insides!

Next experience: meeting with the surgeon and getting a second opinion ... coming soon ...


All my family, friends, boyfriend, colleagues, neighbors, and even my work and hospital have been very supportive. I am feeling appreciated and loved. I feel very lucky and blessed to have such people around me.


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