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The Rose And I - Let's talk about surgery ...

I did decide to get a second opinion so I could fill comfortable in having the best treatment possible. It was very informative, and the good news is that all doctors agree on the same treatment so now is figuring out the surgery.

I see this image as representing the cancer in me, invading the rose petals as the rose fades.
The cancer in me

I met with my surgeon. She has been presented to me by all people I asked as being excellent and I think she is. She spent a long time explaining to me my surgery option for a single versus double mastectomy and lymph nodes removal and a procedure called Lympha to help minimize effects from possible lymphoedema because I am at high risk of getting that after the removal of the lymph nodes under my right arm pit. I want breast reconstruction so it was decided that we would have two different procedures: the first to get rid of the cancer on the right side in my breast and lymph nodes, the second after radiation treatment to remove my left breast as a preventive measure and do breast reconstruction. Each operation will last several hours (more than 4 hours each I think) so that's probably best. Also radiation can have effects on reconstructed breast tissue so I believe it's all of the best.

So far my chemo treatments have been ok except for extreme fatigue. I am much more scared of the surgeries and radiation. Surgeries because it became clear that I will not be able to take care of myself on my own for several days and weeks after the surgeries and I feel worried about being so dependent (I am highly independent) about people for being able to go through this! I am also scared of side effects of the radiation treatment.

I also apparently have to get a bunch of new clothes and accessories to bathing to accommodate the "drains" that I will need after surgery and will not be able to raise my arms very high. I also have to think about getting home help in addition to the nurse visiting. I started acquiring some clothes and bath accessory items as well as inquiring about home help as time can fly!

Anyway, this is for later, so I have time to worry more about this later on. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as I think!!

More doctor meetings to come: the radiation oncologist, the plastic surgeon, the physical therapist ...


All my family, friends, boyfriend, colleagues, neighbors, and even my work and hospital have been very supportive. I am feeling appreciated and loved. I feel very lucky and blessed to have such people around me.


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