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The Rose And I - The First Surgery, good news, and more chemo.

The first two parts of chemo are finally done. Yeah!

And the treatment is working: all my tumors have drastically been reduced. So happy! This definitely puts a smile on your face when you hear that!

Unfortunately, I learned that actually I'll continue to have chemo for many months. I have been told that it's not going to be as bad as the first two series but I'll continue to get chemo every 3 weeks for quite a while and a pill. That did put my mood down. Who wants to have nausea, diarrhea, reflux, exhaustion, headaches, chemo brain and more side effects for a year or more?

But it is not a choice. I am fighting for my life so whatever is needed, I'll do!

Cancer is the only illness I know that's not only life threatening but also asks for you to poison, irradiate, and mutilate yourself - it depends of your cancer and its stage of development, of course.

We're used to know that when you're sick and take medicine you'll feel better. Well, cancer sucks even more in that regards. The medicines and treatments you have to do to survive actually make you sick and injure you one way or the other. You are asked to poison yourself with chemo medicine and it shows: black skin under your nails, your face gets pimples, your hands can discolor and your inside GI is inside out most time ... Then, like in my case you have to remove parts of your body: your breasts and your lymph nodes. Therefore you're mutilating yourself. Once again there is no other choice. This is war and sometimes you have to sacrifice your soldiers (some body parts and cells) to win the war. This is the stage where I am.

Next week I will be undergoing my first surgery. I'll be in pain afterwards and will have to do many follow ups to make sure that I can keep doing what I do with my right arm and hand through physical therapy and additional treatments as well. I am scared, but lucky to be surrounded by the people I love the most, my family. I am hoping for the best. So far so good!


All my family, friends, boyfriend, colleagues, neighbors, and even my work and hospital have been very supportive. I am feeling appreciated and loved. I feel very lucky and blessed to have such people around me.


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1 Comment

What great news about the success of your treatment and Oh how so refreshing amid the lugubrious environment these days!😍😘

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