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Paris Stories
Paris Stories describes a series of unique and original pieces of mixed media work where each story - each piece - represents an unique series of events, memories, words, and accounts of imaginary or real people, past events or emotional journeys related to Paris. Each invites the viewer to let his or her imagination decides where the story goes, somewhat guided by the composition I created based upon my own journey in Paris. This journey is just beginning.
Discovery & Discernment
This exhibit explores how our ancestry and heritage shape us and the connections that the past and the present create within us. The confluence of the visible and invisible forces, the communal nature that we all share with the past and with one another; the seen and unseen history that influences our personal experience. No one gets in or out of time without resilience, trauma or gifts.
The Freedom of Imagination
A Mixed Media Series where imagination is let free to explore colors, textures, shapes, techniques, media to compose unique one-of-a-kind pieces.
The Emotional World
Journey through the emotional world by the mean of abstraction.
The Unkown
Enamel Paintings - These paintings are mainly made with enamel paint but may also include acrylics or inks.

When the universe takes over, where do we go but to the ... unkown.
Journey through the country side.
Portraits, Life & Nature
Still Life, Flowers and Portraits.
Exploring monoprint as a medium.
Digital Art
Letting my imagination take over in the digital world.
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Portraits, Life & Nature

Still Life, Flowers and Portraits.

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